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LinkedIn Story of Social Media Connections

This is my first guest post here at ROCK THE WORLD – and this came about because of LinkedIn.  Here’s the story:

Mike O’Neil, author of ROCK THE WORLD, sent me a message through LinkedIn asking whether I would be interested in a review copy of the book.  He knew from my LinkedIn profile – see – that I blog about social media and related topics.

As I am always interested in learning as much as possible about social media, of course I said yes.  And when the book arrived, I read it immediately.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that, as robust as I had made my LinkedIn profile, some little yet significant items were missing.  I sat right down at my computer with book in hand and went page by page to correct the missing elements before writing a blog review of the book.

Flash forward: On, a free email notification service for people looking for bloggers or other news sources, I saw a request from Lori Ruff, LinkedIn authority/trainer and partner with Mike O’Neil in Integrated Alliances, concerning writing guest posts for one of two blogs.

Since I loved the book ROCK THE WORLD, of course I responded to the PitchRate request.  Lori contacted me; we spoke on the phone; and here I am.

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This is the power of social media (also called social networking) – connecting people with mutual interests wherever these people may be.

As Lori and I discussed, whether someone starts first with LinkedIn or with another social media site depends a great deal on that person’s goals for social media and his/her comfort level with different social media formats.

For small business owners, book authors, and others with similar types of online marketing goals, I believe that actively participating on LinkedIn comes after you have harnessed what my company Miller Mosaic calls the “power of 3” – Twitter, a Facebook fan page (think “business” rather than your Facebook profile), and a marketing-driven website.

Each one of these online platforms requires a different individual strategy combined with an overall strategy to harness the “power of 3.”  And then, once a clear overall brand is established through the “power of 3,” it is a good time to add a professional presence on LinkedIn.

I’ll be talking about social media subjects in subsequent guest posts here.  In the meantime, get a jump on the conversation by downloading my free “power of 3” report “Twitter, Facebook and Your Website: A Beginning Blueprint for Harnessing the Power of 3 for Your Business” at © 2010 Miller Mosaic, LLC

Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing.  Follow her on Twitter at

Are there comparable identity sorts? Do any of the profession and business ways of your associations converge or have reciprocal qualities (i.e., would you be able to interface an official authority mentor with an official, or a business person with an investor)? Whom would they be able to profit by knowing, being associated with, or working with on your rundown? Do any of these people live in the same geographic zone? Do any of them have comparative individual interests or have a place with the same LinkedIn Groups or outside associations?

Tragically there is no fast approach to lead this inside and out pursuit other than to see the profiles physically and distinguish all the potential connections. Be that as it may, it will be certainly justified regardless of your opportunity! Uniting your best associations with your best influencers is a capable exercise and you ought to become acquainted with as much as you can about these people.

A case in real life—drawing an obvious conclusion:

John possesses his own innovation firm and Sam is a money related proficient. They live in various states however they’re my first-degree associations. Through my associations with these two people I’ve discovered that they’re both Ironman long distance runners who blog about their marathon preparing and encounters, and they both make progress toward their own best in business and in life. In my psyche, these two must know each other and there could positively be an open door for them to work together also.