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Screenshot 2014-10-28 03.05.37 The Rock The World with LinkedIn book will never be obsolete because of this particular page.  Here you will get access to the latest updates, the latest tips, the latest resources to make your social media lifestyle easier and more fruitful. Visit to get free LinkedIn training videos that rock! Our FREE eBooks Networking for Nerds eBook CoverNetworking For Nerds eBook – A free “getting started guide” for LinkedIn and Social Media designed for the college crowd, those with a career in mind and graduation on the mind. It works well for ALL users that are getting started. It includes a profile starter guide for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.      Profile InfoGuideLinkedIn Profiles Guide eBook – A concise 4 page version of the highly popular Rock The World with your Online Presence book. It helps you craft language for each of the areas of a LinkedIn profile.     Our Webinars, Videos, and Shows Event Networking with Social Media Recorded Webinar - A free and FUN 60 minute recorded Webinar that helps you get the most out of events by following up afterwards with specific techniques for LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter. And MORE! LinkedIn Strategies for Executive Job Seekers, for example. As we produce new webinars, you’ll gain access Hear Rock The World with LinkedIn Radio Show ArchivesRock The World with LinkedIn Radio Show Archives - Hosted by The LinkedIn Rockstars, Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff, this 30 minute show airs Mondays at 7pm Eastern at WebMasterRadio.FMThe high-energy show features fun interviews with important guests (like CEO’s of Social Media companies), useful LinkedIn tips and even a little rock & roll. Online at


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