Change the ORDER of your LinkedIn Profile Info

LinkedIn is rolling out a feature that lets you re-arrange information in your LinkedIn profile.  It is a decent first start FOR SOME PEOPLE.

This little + character at the corner (see illustration to the left of Summary)  is used to Drag and drop sections of LinkedIn profile.  It kinda works.


The gotcha’s:

  • I tried and tried to get my Personal Information section near the top, right after Summary and it is just not possible to drag and drop it this far (past 250 recommendations).
  • If you have a large profile or lots of recommendations, the drag-drop doesn’t work well due to bad scrolling.  The screen just crawls when scrolling and you may give up before it gets there. But if you move your mouse around the top left of the screen as you are dragging, you may find that your screen scrolls a bit faster.
  • You cannot move things WITHIN a section, which is what we  really want – order the Applications, order the jobs, the schools, etc. But this is a great start.

See excerpts from Rock the World book for tips on affecting the order of your positions, education, etc. There will be more blog posts about these topics so check back often!

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The correct request, however can be extremely individual – what is beneficial for one may not be useful for another. My request is ordinarily:

Synopsis – which is not about me, it is an assets that helps my intended interest group. I need them to quickly get an incentive from going to and motivate them to need a further discussion.

Productions – this is just in the event that you have content online that you can connect here that will convey an incentive to your peruser, or give validity. Clearly on the off chance that you have a distributed book or eBook, this is the spot for it – yet in the event that you have public statements, organization move outs, huge occasions and so forth, this area can positively be utilized for getting the word out.

Undertakings – I am a major devotee of utilizing ventures for contextual analyses. At the point when a prospect or enrollment specialist sees the work you have really overseen and executed, it puts your noteworthiness and the discussion on a totally extraordinary level. Snap HERE to take in more about contextual investigations.

Aptitudes I tend to put this area next as it does feature the catchphrases that I use to depict what I do and the esteem I bring. This area is dubious, the same number of don’t trust it has klout, yet it gives off an impression and Google indexes it for seek.

On the off chance that you know you or your group need to Leverage LinkedIn to develop business however you don’t know how, how about we have a discussion. Regardless of the possibility that we choose not to cooperate, I am sure our discussion will be brimming with experiences and methodologies to enable you to use LinkedIn all the more successfully.

Associations, Experience, Certifications, Recommendations and so on.- these are altogether critical, yet you have to include them just on the off chance that they are significant and in a request in which they would matter to your peruser.

When this feature settles down, we will add it into the new editions of the Rock The World with your Online Presence book.

Still – the idea is good and we hope to see these shortcomings addressed in a future release.  Thanks LinkedIn: You’ve got another right!