Month: January 2017


iPhone Users Save $40 per month; “call here”

We heard rumblings last week about the Verizon and AT&T battle that finally benefits users in a big way.  Last Friday, within hours of Verizon announcing they were dropping their monthly rates for smart phone users, AT&T followed suit.  Tell me they hadn’t already done contingency plans to be ready. You’d have thought AT&T would have done it first to take the advantage, but no matter.  Now I can have my iPhone and $80 a month more in my pocket: that’s $40 per line!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. dial 611 from your iPhone

2. press 1 to confirm you are calling from your phone

3. press 5 for sales

4. press 1 to change service

5. your call will be transferred to a sales rep who will not only convert you with no penalty to the new price plan, but will make it retroactive to the start of the current billing cycle.

Now, that’s great service! And, you can use half of your first month’s savings to purchase Rock the World with your Online Presence (available on Amazon for only $19.95!)

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