What are the best Nespresso capsule flavors?

Nespresso created waves among the coffee lovers when it was first released in the market. The flavor and the taste of the Nespresso coffee differentiated it from most other brands. The brand has launched 16 different coffee capsules which people can effectively use with their coffee machines. You can use any of the following capsules with your best espresso home machine for added taste and flavor to your coffee. This roundup of best home espresso machines shows that Keurig coffee makers are the winner.

Ristretto Capsule

The Ristretto Capsule from Nespresso brings together a blend of East African and South American Arabicas. The Robusta is roasted separately to create an intense espresso shot for you. These beans are slowly roasted to combine acidic and fruity nature and aroma of the beans together. To soften the strong roast of the beans, chocolate is added to provide a contrast between strength and bitterness.

Arpeggio Capsule

This capsule is highly suitable for those people who want to have a very strong and intense espresso shot enhanced by cocoa flavor from the best Nespresso machines. The beans are selected from among the best Central and South American Arabicas along with fruity or malted profiles. The Arpeggio is intensely roasted to fully capture the characteristics of the origins.

Dulsao Do Brazil Capsule

The Dulsao Do Brazil is a very famous pure Brazilian Arabica capsule. It blends a mixture of yellow and red Bourbon coffees together while roasting the beans separately. This ensures that the balance of the flavor and the roundness is maintained with honey and malt notes easily felt in our mouth. The red and yellow bourbon coffee beans are plucked from Southern Brazilian plantations and dried under the sun along with its mucilage to add sweetness to the coffee.

Indriya from India Capsules

This coffee capsule from India brings together a complete range of Arabica with a pinch of Robusta alongside from the southern parts of the country. This full-bodied espresso beans have a unique personality of their own due to the spices flavor. Usually these capsules are grown under the shade of large trees which are also used to provide shelter for spice and pepper plantations.

Fortissio Lungo Capsule

The Fortission Lungo Capsule is made using the South and Central American Arabicas. Unlike most other capsules, this capsule only contains a hint of Robusta. The flavor is provided by the intense full-bodied blend of the beans which adds a bitter taste to your coffee due to the presence of the dark roasted beans.

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Vivalto Lungo Capsule

One of the most balanced coffee capsules you will ever find is the Vivalto Lungo Capsule created specifically by separately blending East African and South American Arabicas and blending them with subtle and roasted floral notes. The South American Arabicas provide an acidic behavior to your coffee because of them being grown at high altitudes while the Ethiopian Arabicas provide a floral touch.

Decaffeinato Capsule

The Decaffeinato Capsule is a reinforced blend of South American Arabicas with a hint of Robusta, which is roasted lightly to provide aroma of red fruit. This capsule combines a number of South American Arabicas such as the Colombian Arabica to add a fruity note.

Decaffeinato Intenso Capsule

The Intenso Capsule bring together a selection of some of the finely grinded dark roasted South American Arabicas to a touch of Robusta which helps in bring out the subtle flavor of cocoa and roasted cereals. You can notice a very rich aroma in the coffee as well as the crema over it.

The Last Words

No matter the choice of coffee makers you own, if you don’t compliment your best Nespresso machines which some of the best Nespresso capsule flavors, you won’t be able to enjoy the real quality of your cup of coffee.…

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Are All Automatic Drip Coffee Makers the Same in Terms of Output?

To all the coffee lovers, drip coffee maker does play an important role in their life. It helps them keep going throughout the day, especially during those moments when they have lost all the energy from their body and need a good cup of coffee to survive. However, before you invest in the coffee makers, it is important to understand that each one of them is different and produces a different form of output. It is advisable to put your money in the best drip coffee makers that are high in demand and have been recommended by the diehard coffee lovers. Mc donald’s india is one of the fastest growing store where people are buying cold coffee.

best drip coffee maker

What makes the difference?

It is quite surprising to learn that every coffee maker differs in the type and quality of coffee. Some simple variations in the maker create much difference, which is why it is important for individuals to make a wise decision and keep an eye on all the variables affecting quality or flavor of the coffee. Individuals, who don’t have much knowledge about brewing and machines can even consult experts for that matter and then go ahead with the final purchase of machine for their personal use.

Proper Temperature

The temperature of water used for preparing coffee can have a great impact on its taste. Water that is too hot or cold shall make your coffee poor. Boiling small portions of water can help prepare a good coffee, while cheap designs of coffee maker just pumps up the water and forces it to reach the coffee ground without creating good taste or flavor.

Steady Temperature

During the process of brewing coffee it is essential to maintain steady temperature throughout. However same is not followed in case of every machine. A cheap coffee maker might start with chilled water and then end with water boiling. This really has an impact on the taste which can only be avoided by choosing the best drip coffee makers in the market.

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Even distribution on the Grounds

To prepare a coffee of your taste and type it is important for the water to reach evenly on the grounds. However this does not happens while using every coffee maker. Some of the machines just delivers a steam of hot water to the ground or sprinkles on certain portions delivering the worst coffee of your life.

coffee making process

Soaking on the Grounds

A flat container can cause the coffee grounds in center to get soaked in water while the outer grounds remain deprived of it. This again leads to the production of coffees which is not up to the mark. Surprisingly best drip coffee makers in the market ensure to use cones rather than cylinders to ensure appropriate soaking of the grounds thus serving you with best coffee.

Handling of Brewed Coffee

The last and most essential step is how the brewed coffee is handled by the coffee maker. Some of the worst coffee makers in the market have hot plate under glass carafe making it worse for the maker to brew it. However in some better makers, users can expect to have a thermal carafe that has no heating element placed in it. This can really facilitate smooth brewing experience to the users enabling them prepare a coffee of their taste and type.

The Last Words

From the facts mentioned above, it is very well evident that each automatic drip coffee maker has an impact on the taste and recipe of coffee. Hence it is essential for the user to make an apt choice of machine that can suitably meet their demand and provide them with coffee of their choice. It is even advisable to keep in mind the above and choose makers which follows right practice of brewing and heating.…


iPhone Users Save $40 per month; “call here”

We heard rumblings last week about the Verizon and AT&T battle that finally benefits users in a big way.  Last Friday, within hours of Verizon announcing they were dropping their monthly rates for smart phone users, AT&T followed suit.  Tell me they hadn’t already done contingency plans to be ready. You’d have thought AT&T would have done it first to take the advantage, but no matter.  Now I can have my iPhone and $80 a month more in my pocket: that’s $40 per line!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. dial 611 from your iPhone

2. press 1 to confirm you are calling from your phone

3. press 5 for sales

4. press 1 to change service

5. your call will be transferred to a sales rep who will not only convert you with no penalty to the new price plan, but will make it retroactive to the start of the current billing cycle.

Now, that’s great service! And, you can use half of your first month’s savings to purchase Rock the World with your Online Presence (available on Amazon for only $19.95!)

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Social Media

LinkedIn Story of Social Media Connections

This is my first guest post here at ROCK THE WORLD – and this came about because of LinkedIn.  Here’s the story:

Mike O’Neil, author of ROCK THE WORLD, sent me a message through LinkedIn asking whether I would be interested in a review copy of the book.  He knew from my LinkedIn profile – see – that I blog about social media and related topics.

As I am always interested in learning as much as possible about social media, of course I said yes.  And when the book arrived, I read it immediately.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that, as robust as I had made my LinkedIn profile, some little yet significant items were missing.  I sat right down at my computer with book in hand and went page by page to correct the missing elements before writing a blog review of the book.

Flash forward: On, a free email notification service for people looking for bloggers or other news sources, I saw a request from Lori Ruff, LinkedIn authority/trainer and partner with Mike O’Neil in Integrated Alliances, concerning writing guest posts for one of two blogs.

Since I loved the book ROCK THE WORLD, of course I responded to the PitchRate request.  Lori contacted me; we spoke on the phone; and here I am.

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This is the power of social media (also called social networking) – connecting people with mutual interests wherever these people may be.

As Lori and I discussed, whether someone starts first with LinkedIn or with another social media site depends a great deal on that person’s goals for social media and his/her comfort level with different social media formats.

For small business owners, book authors, and others with similar types of online marketing goals, I believe that actively participating on LinkedIn comes after you have harnessed what my company Miller Mosaic calls the “power of 3” – Twitter, a Facebook fan page (think “business” rather than your Facebook profile), and a marketing-driven website.

Each one of these online platforms requires a different individual strategy combined with an overall strategy to harness the “power of 3.”  And then, once a clear overall brand is established through the “power of 3,” it is a good time to add a professional presence on LinkedIn.

I’ll be talking about social media subjects in subsequent guest posts here.  In the meantime, get a jump on the conversation by downloading my free “power of 3” report “Twitter, Facebook and Your Website: A Beginning Blueprint for Harnessing the Power of 3 for Your Business” at © 2010 Miller Mosaic, LLC

Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing.  Follow her on Twitter at

Are there comparable identity sorts? Do any of the profession and business ways of your associations converge or have reciprocal qualities (i.e., would you be able to interface an official authority mentor with an official, or a business person with an investor)? Whom would they be able to profit by knowing, being associated with, or working with on your rundown? Do any of these people live in the same geographic zone? Do any of them have comparative individual interests or have a place with the same LinkedIn Groups or outside associations?

Tragically there is no fast approach to lead this inside and out pursuit other than to see the profiles physically and distinguish all the potential connections. Be that as it may, it will be certainly justified regardless of your opportunity! Uniting your best associations with your best influencers is a capable exercise and you ought to become acquainted with as much as you can about these people.

A case in real life—drawing an obvious conclusion:

John possesses his own innovation firm and Sam is a money related proficient. They live in various states however they’re my first-degree associations. Through my associations with these two people I’ve discovered that they’re both Ironman long distance runners who blog about their marathon preparing and encounters, and they both make progress toward their own best in business and in life. In my psyche, these two must know each other and there could positively be an open door for them to work together also.…

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The Top Ten Best Connected Women on LinkedIn

Well, there are actually 12 super connected women among the top 150 best connected people on LinkedIn.  Are men just more open to open networking?  I am not here to answer that question right now.

I am here to promote and celebrate the best connected women on LinkedIn and to encourage you to ask them to connect with you. The super connectors are typically very helpful and willing to share resources. That is part of how they got where they are now.

  1. Stacy Donovan Zapar #15
  2. Sheree Ruland #46
  3. Jenny (Voigt) DeVaughn #64
  4. Judith Miller #69
  5. Mukta Kanojia #77
  6. Jessica Max #84
  7. Mary Leeds #85
  8. Vanessa Coussens #92
  9. Lori Ruff #138
  10. Lisa Rokusek #141

All of them (except Judith Miller) were among the first 5 million people on LinkedIn. Don’t lose heart, that doesn’t mean if you just joined you won’t get there, but you will have to work at it.

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Would you like to be a super connector too? Here’s how:

  1. Visit
  2. Register for the annual subscription to “get on the list”
  3. Follow all instructions (including confirming your email, joining the LinkedIn TopLinked group, and checking the LinkedIn box at to make sure you get on the list)
  4. In your LinkedIn profile, include either in your headline or as one of your custom-tagged websites
  5. Every Tuesday accept all connection requests. NEVER select “I don’t know this user.” To be an open networker, you need to openly network!

It’s that easy.  Without (now found at I would not be where I am today.…


Tips for Networking at Rock Concerts

I have had tremendous success networking at rock concerts recently, especially classic rock concerts – REO Speedwagon, STYX, .38 Special, Poison, Def Leppard, The Dead (Grateful Dead circa 2009), John Mellencamp, Counting Crows, The Police, etc. Best concert ever for networking – Australian Pink Floyd at the Paramount Theater!

Look around the audience and you see “your peers” all around you. They are Tweeting and they are LinkedIn and Facebook users as well.  These folks are having a great time and they love to meet people that share their same interests.  In this case, it is their interest for music and it is EXACTLY the same musical taste as YOU.  How powerful is that?

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So, here are some tips for making the most of it:

1. Wear a concert T-Shirt to a concert. I suggest one that is from an artist of the same genre.  I recently wore a Pink Floyd shirt at a Counting Crows concert. A Tie Dye is a must for a Dead show of course.

2. Bring your camera phone and take pictures at the show.  Ask others around you to take pictures with you in them.  Best part – offer to e-mail the pictures to them.  Of course, you will need a business card from them or at least an e-mail address and that is where the networking starts.

3. Get good seats down front. People in decision-making roles do not sit in the back.…


Change the ORDER of your LinkedIn Profile Info

LinkedIn is rolling out a feature that lets you re-arrange information in your LinkedIn profile.  It is a decent first start FOR SOME PEOPLE.

This little + character at the corner (see illustration to the left of Summary)  is used to Drag and drop sections of LinkedIn profile.  It kinda works.


The gotcha’s:

  • I tried and tried to get my Personal Information section near the top, right after Summary and it is just not possible to drag and drop it this far (past 250 recommendations).
  • If you have a large profile or lots of recommendations, the drag-drop doesn’t work well due to bad scrolling.  The screen just crawls when scrolling and you may give up before it gets there. But if you move your mouse around the top left of the screen as you are dragging, you may find that your screen scrolls a bit faster.
  • You cannot move things WITHIN a section, which is what we  really want – order the Applications, order the jobs, the schools, etc. But this is a great start.

See excerpts from Rock the World book for tips on affecting the order of your positions, education, etc. There will be more blog posts about these topics so check back often!

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The correct request, however can be extremely individual – what is beneficial for one may not be useful for another. My request is ordinarily:

Synopsis – which is not about me, it is an assets that helps my intended interest group. I need them to quickly get an incentive from going to and motivate them to need a further discussion.

Productions – this is just in the event that you have content online that you can connect here that will convey an incentive to your peruser, or give validity. Clearly on the off chance that you have a distributed book or eBook, this is the spot for it – yet in the event that you have public statements, organization move outs, huge occasions and so forth, this area can positively be utilized for getting the word out.

Undertakings – I am a major devotee of utilizing ventures for contextual analyses. At the point when a prospect or enrollment specialist sees the work you have really overseen and executed, it puts your noteworthiness and the discussion on a totally extraordinary level. Snap HERE to take in more about contextual investigations.

Aptitudes I tend to put this area next as it does feature the catchphrases that I use to depict what I do and the esteem I bring. This area is dubious, the same number of don’t trust it has klout, yet it gives off an impression and Google indexes it for seek.

On the off chance that you know you or your group need to Leverage LinkedIn to develop business however you don’t know how, how about we have a discussion. Regardless of the possibility that we choose not to cooperate, I am sure our discussion will be brimming with experiences and methodologies to enable you to use LinkedIn all the more successfully.

Associations, Experience, Certifications, Recommendations and so on.- these are altogether critical, yet you have to include them just on the off chance that they are significant and in a request in which they would matter to your peruser.

When this feature settles down, we will add it into the new editions of the Rock The World with your Online Presence book.

Still – the idea is good and we hope to see these shortcomings addressed in a future release.  Thanks LinkedIn: You’ve got another right!…